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My Blog on my Experiences Restoring CT90's

I pulled together this blog to share some of what I have learned and continue to learn through my ongoing efforts to restore a number of Honda CT90's.  I retired back in 2015 and I always enjoyed working on vehicles and was looking for another project and didn't want to take on another car restoration at that point in time and I started to look for something physically smaller where I wouldn't have to use a engine hoist or lift to work on the vehicle which got me looking at doing a motorcycle. When I was younger I always liked CT90's, but never owned one and started to think it would be nice to have a CT90 up at our second home up on Camano Island in Washington state, so I set out to find a  project CT90's to bring back to life and ended up running into a guy who had three non running project CT90's he wanted to get rid of and offered me a deal I couldn't refuse. Along the way I found that I really enjoyed working on these bikes and have now somehow man