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Aftermarket Honda CT90 Carburetor Drain Modification

Relocating the Drain on a Aftermarket Honda CT90 Carburetor  I recently picked up an aftermarket carb for one of my CT90's off of eBay that is very similar in design to a Klein 556A carburetor except for one detail and that was the orientation of the drain fitting.  The drain fitting pointed straight down verses straight back and is a common issue with aftermarket CT90 carbs. Related Posts: Adjusting and Jetting a Honda CT90 Carburetor  Here is a picture with the old carb on the left and the new carb on the right.

Honda CT90 and CT200 Gas Cap Teardown

Honda CT90 and CT200 Gas Cap Teardown One of the most over looked elements of a Honda CT90 or CT200 fuel system is the gas cap used on the gas tank.  The gas cap plays a critical role and is designed to allow air to enter the tank and prevent a vacuum from forming as fuel is used by the engine as the CT90 uses a gravity feed fuel system.  While allowing the tank to vent air the gas cap also utilizes a labyrinth design to minimize the gas fumes that can escape from the tank.