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For Sale - The Original Made in the USA Honda CT90, CT110 & CT200 Clutch and Headset Nut Tool

As of May 26th of 2021 I am now out of stock of my tool.  I am looking into making another batch, but the outfit I use to laser cut my tool has increased their prices significantly to where it may not be worth the effort to continue to try and sell my tools, especially given how cheap the knock off of my tools are coming out of China.  I'll update this post if I do end up producing another batch. I do want to thank everyone who has purchased one of my tools as it has been an enjoyable experience (except for the knock off's from China...) and I hope you have found the tools useful.  As of April 2021 - I have parts in stock here at my link on eBay  and now at a lower price of $26.00  plus $5.35 for shipping. I also am including for a limited time,  a prototype of my 3D printed valve spring compression tool  that  you can learn more about at my blog post here at this link . I have lowered my price and included my valve spring compression tool to compete with sellers from China wh

Product Review - Memotronics ELF33-6 Turn Signal Flasher

I have a 1975 CT90 that I have never had the turn signals work all that well even though I replaced all the bulbs, picked up a new stock flasher, and cleaned the truncates signal switch and also went through and checked and cleaned all the grounds. While I did get some improvement after taking all of the steps described previously, they still didn't work like they should, so I decided that I would take the next step and look at converting my turn signals to LED bulbs. In making the change to LED's I knew it couldn't't be a straight swap of the bulbs only and that I would need to change the flasher to a configuration that wouldn't be dependent on the resistive load of the bulbs to cause the flasher to function like with a stock CT90 flasher.  So I figured I would do the upgrade in stages and first buy a new flasher that works with LED's and with a little searching on Amazon I found the Memotronics ELF33-6 Turn Signal Flasher that had good reviews.