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3D Printed CT90 K1 Rear Airbox Snorkel

One of the other parts I recently modeled and made a 3D print of is the rubber Snorkel/boot that attaches to the rear of the 1969 K1 CT90's airbox, and that resides in the battery compartment area in the frame when the airbox is installed. Here is a picture of the model I made in ViaCad 2D/3D. The following are a couple of photos of the snorkel that I printed using a flexible TPU filament next to the stock rubber snorkel that I removed from the airbox. The 3D printed snorkel has a nice snow fit when it is mounted to the cylindrical feature on the airbox. At some point I plan on uploading .stl files for my snorkel design to and also the Prusa 3D parts library, so others can print the snorkel.  Once I do up load the file, I'll add a link to this post. I hope you found this information useful! Helpful Links  (Shop Manuals, Wire Diagram, Model Information, etc.) Link to page with listing of CT90 and CT200 parts available on Amazon

CT90 K1 3D Printed Carb to Air Filter Boot

I recently picked up my first 3D printer and now have an endless list of things I plan on making on the printer for my CT90's and other hobbies that I have. The 3D printer I picketed up is a Prusa i3 MK3S+ and I purchased it during a Black Friday sale Prusa had run last year.  I purchased the printer as a kit and it was a fun project in itself, but since I got the printer up and running, I've found it to be very capable and I am happy with my printer choice. One of my first projects was to design and print the a replacement for the rubber boot that goes between the carb and air filter on the 1969 CT90 K1.  I've owned sever K1's and I think I had only one where the boot hadn't fully degraded and wasn't falling apart like the one in the picture below. There are replacement boot/filter holders available, but they are almost $70.00 which is pretty pricey.  Most of the time the filter holder portion of the assembly is just fine and its just the rubber portion that ha