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Carb & Air
3D Printed CT90 K1 Rear Airbox Snorkel
Adjusting the Clutch on a Honda CT90
My Honda CT90 Clutch and Headset Nut Tool
CT90 Engine Exposed!
Honda CT200 Engine Reassembly
Honda CT200 Engine Fasteners
Honda CT90 Engine Fasteners
Using a VW Lug Bolt to Remove a CT90 Generator Rotor
My approach to getting a CT90 that won't start to start
Dynamic Timing of a Honda CT90
Making a Transparent Timing Cover for Your CT90
Repairing Damaged CT90 Spark Plug Threads Using a Time-Sert Thread Insert
CT90 Engine Reassembly
CT90 Clutch Pack Assembly Detail Build-up
Painting Honda CT90 Side Cases
Shindy Intake/Exhaust Valve Set #07-002 for use on a Honda CT90
Listing and Links to Old Honda CT90 Patents
Making a Low Cost Clutch Holding Tool for Your CT90
The Basic Sequence and Process to Set or Adjust your CT90 Timing
CT90 Sub-Transmission Reassembly
CT90 Spark Advancer Assembly Build-Up
Building a static timing light from a free Harbor Freight LED Light
CT90 Testing Issue with Harbor Freight Compression Tester and a Correction Factor to Fix the Issue
Shift Drum Stopper Replacement When Doing a Clutch Rebuild
Cleaning CT90 Oil Passages
Helpful Link for working on your CT90 Clutch
Simple CT90 Valve Spring Compressor
Simple CT90 Valve Seat Check/Inspection

Product Review - Memotronics ELF33-6 Turn Signal Flasher
Making a CT90 Inner Battery Bracket
CT90 Wire Harness Detailed Information
How to Test Your CT90 Rectifier
Basic Test of a CT90 Condenser
Basic CT90 Ignition Coil Check
1970 CT90 Turn Signal and Horn Button Breakdown and Assembly
1970 CT90 Headlight Switch Breakdown and Assembly
Figuring out wire colors on a CT90 Stator when colors have faded or are not present
Soldering a wire
CT90 Rectifier Upgrade

A New Batch of Honda CT90 and CT200 3D Printed Parts
Registering a Small Motorcycle in the State of Vermont
Listing of Honda CT90 Parts at Amazon
CT90 Overhaul Process
Buying a CT90
Light Rust Removal from Chrome Plated Parts
Checking Your Rear Wheel Rubber Dampers to see if They are Worn
Alternate Spring Configuration for CT90 Brake Switch
Low Cost Cleaner for your CT90 Carburetor Jets and Screws
One of my favorite things - Dental Tools
Lessons Learned From Buying a CT90 Without a Title and Finding out it was a Stolen Bike
Preferred Shop Manual - 77 - 79 CT90 and 80 - 82 CT110
Making a Basic Vinyl Seat Cover
Two Quick Tips for when you are Installing Bearings in your Frame Headset
Helpful Cable Info
Trials and Tribulations with Rebuilding CT90 Speedo's
CT90 & CT200 Axel Information
Making your own seat foam for a CT90
Making a CT90 or CT200 Down Tube Cover
Essential Oils for Working on Your CT90 Project
CT90 Rust Removal
Handy Tool - Brass Brush
Favorite Cleaners
One of my favorite things - RuGLYDE
Options for CT90 Paint
Repairing CT90 Plastic Covers and Air Filter Assemblies

Reviews - If you would like me to review your product please send me an email
Product Review - Memotronics ELF33-6 Turn Signal Flasher
Product Review - Audew Multi-Function Jump Starter
Product Review - Harbor Freight/Haul Master Motorcycle Carrier use with a CT90
Product Review - Audew 150 psi Heavy Duty Double Cylinder Air Compressor
Product Review - DURO HF307 Tires
Product Review - Shindy Intake/Exhaust Valve Set #07-002 for use on a Honda CT90
Product Review - Clutch Tool
Product Review - Cylinder Flex-Hone
Product Review - Huri Air Filter for the CT90
Product Review - Small In-Line Fuel Filters
Product Review - Harbor Freight Can-Tech 7 Function Digital Multimeter
Product Review - CT90/Honda Tail Light Lens
Product Review - Volar Heavy Duty Drive Chain for the CT90

Helpful Links (Shop Manuals, Wire Diagram, Model Information, etc.)


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