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Honda CT90 Wire Harness Detailed Information

I recently had a number of CT90 main wire harnesses that I had to do some minor repairs on, so I thought I would do a post to share some detailed information that might be beneficial to someone else  working on their CT90's wire harness or maybe even someone wanting to build one from scratch. At the beginning of this post I'll explain some of the differences between the wire harnesses and then later in the post I will show the 1971 version of a CT90 harness completely disassembled so you can see what the individual wires look like and I will detail the process I follow to reassemble that harness back into an installable configuration. I also included detailed information on the measurements related to the harness and a table of how long each of the individual wires are in case someone decided they wanted to build a harness from scratch. Wire harness Differences Here is a picture of the three harnesses I was working on.