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Helpful CT90 & CT200 Cable Info

CT90 and CT200 Cable Information I have a number of CT bikes and I always am looking for new project bikes that in almost all cases need new cables, so I put together the table below so I have a quick reference to all the latest and past cable part numbers.  I also made hot links for the cable part numbers that I know are available at Dr ATV or Everett Powersports where I buy a lot of my CT90 parts. I hope this is helpful to others and if you have any comments or see any errors please feel free to let me know. Year Model Serial Number Throttle Cable Front Brake Cable, Right Lever Rear Brake Cable, Left Lever Speedo Cable 1964 - 1966 CT200 CT200-100001 17910-107-671, 2FM-MC-3928 45450-GB4-600, 45450-033-000, 45450-053-000 43460-033-000 44830-159-000, 44830-061-810 1966 - 1967 CT90K0 CT90-100001 17910-053-000 45450-GB4-600 , 45450-033-000, 45450-053-000