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A 3D Printed CT90 Valve Spring Compression Tool

 Since I picked up a 3D printer this Christmas, I've really found that it's a great tool, especially if you have a good 3D modeling program on your computer and reasonable skills to be able to design the part you would like to print. For a limited time I am including for free one of my prototype valve spring compression tools that I describe below with the purchase of my clutch holding tool available here at this link . My fundamental problem has been that I keep coming up with new designs I would like to print and get them 90% complete, before I get another idea and I'm off on another tangent (such is the life of a retired guy...). One of those designs is a Valve Spring Compression tool to use on a Honda CT90.   I've been using a C-Clamp and simple piece of tubing as my valve spring compression tool up until now and it always works and gets the job done.  I've done a post here at my blog on the C-Clamp tool here at this link . I had an idea and used my ViaCad 2D