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A Way to Soften Up Old Rubber CT90 Motorcycle Parts That Works Well

One of the most frustrating things I have found when working on old CT90's is dealing with the rock and rubber boots at each end of the air cleaner.  When these rubber parts a old, hard, and stiff it can make it a real pain to get in or remove the air cleaner and get access to the carb.  When I first started working on CT90's I found the use of a hair dryer to heat up these rubber parts which made them soften up, but it was only temporary and once they cooled down they became rock hard once again. I didn't want to buy all new rubber parts for my CT90's as I have too many bikes and I get more enjoyment out of doing things myself and learning about different techniques, so I went on a quest to see if there was a good method to permanently soften old rubber motorcycle parts and I came across the following four YouTube video's: Video 1 (I really enjoy all of Ichiban's videos), Video 2 , Video 3 , and Video 4 . After looking at the above videos and actually a