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Figuring out wire colors on a CT90 stator when colors have faded or are not present

I have a 1971 CT90 I am working on and had an interesting electrical problem when I went to reattach the connector from the main with harness to the wires coming from the stator within the crankcase.  While the one wire for the neutral switch was correctly colored, the other three wires had a cloth overboard and did not have any color. The answer to how you can figure out what the colors should be on a stator with faded colors can be found by joining the Honda 6 Volt group on Facebook. In the file section of this group, John Pardue was kind enough to share a very simple test you can perform that will identify what wire is what color.  Here is a link to that file in that group, but you will most likely have to join which is very worthwhile as there is a lot of great information shared. The Pardue Brothers web site also has a lot of useful electrical related information and products to help with your CT90 restoration project. Helpful Links   (Shop Manuals, Wire Diagram, Model