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Honda CT200 Step by Step Engine Reassembly Guide

I recently picked up a CT200 that wasn't running, but seemed to be in decent shape where the engine would turn over and had signs of good compression.  I had rebuilt one CT200 a couple of years ago and sold the bike and since that time I started this blog and because I have had such a good response with the post I did on reassembling a CT90 engine, I decided to take the time to go through the engine of my new CT200 and document the reassembly in this post.  Another reason I am going through this engine is that this may end up being a bike I will keep for a while and it seems like all old CT's that I pick up have slime in the engine and the clutch will end up slipping sooner or later, so now is as good a time as any to tear it apart, clean, and then reassemble the engine to avoid any problems in the future.  I plan on taking the same approach I did with the CT90 engine reassembly post where I document in detail the step by step process on how everything goes back together in ca