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Honda CT90 Air Filter Element Differences

I have a 1971 CT90 that I plan to install a Big Bore cylinder and piston that I picked up from DrATV and thought that since I am adding a bigger piston I should look at doing what I can to open up the air flow going to the carb.  So, I started digging through my parts bin for air cleaner parts and noticed that the elements that support the foam air filter are not all the same and actually have have evolved quite a bit with the most recent configurations designed to allow greater air flow. From the parts I have in my bin, I think I have figured out what air filter element parts I will use with my Big Bore project so that I have the least restriction and therefore the greatest air flow, but since I was spending the time looking at the differences between these parts I figured I would to do a post here to share what I have observed, focusing on the air filter supporting elements used on the K2 and later versions of the CT90 and CT110. The specific parts that I want to focus on are th

Light Rust Removal from Chrome Plated Parts

Something that you'll run into with almost any CT90 project bike that you pick up is having to deal with light rust on the parts that are chrome plated.  With these parts you can't simple remove the rust by an abrasive means like you would on a painted part of the bike as you would destroy the chrome, so you need to take a more gentle approach to try and remove the rust, but not do any damage to the chrome plating. There was a recent exchange on the Honda CT 90 Owners Facebook group that addressed this very question and everyone who participated provided there own approach for removing light rust.  There were a lot of great suggestions so I thought I would share them here.