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Listing of Honda CT90 Parts available on Amazon

I have mixed feelings about Amazon as in some respects they are really taking over the world, but in the end they have become the simplest and quickest way for my family and I to get what we need. While Amazon may not always the cheapest place to buy things and some of their third party sellers are kind of questionable, I have generally always had a good experience purchasing item from Amazon. Since I tend to make a lot of my purchases on Amazon, I have also started to buy much of what I need for a number of the Honda CT90 projects I am working on. While Amazon may not have many of the small unique CT90 parts like what is available on DrATV, they do have most if not all of the general parts you end up replacing on a CT90 project bike that has sat on the side of someones barn for the last twenty years. Since it's not always easy to find things on Amazon, I decided to make a page on my blog at the link below where I have collected together a number of the CT90 related items pe

Dynamic Timing a Honda CT90 or similar Single Cylinder Motorcycle

In general, I have always statically timed the CT90's that I own and have been happy with the results. The bikes are easy to start and have good performance (assuming the plug, points, coil and wiring were all good...), b ut I have always wondered if  dynamically timing my CT90's would make much of a difference, so I decided to dig out my dwell meter and timing light and spend some time dynamically timing one of my CT90's to see what I could learn and then share that information here in this post. I also did an earlier post that included how to statically time a CT90 at the following link:  The Basic Sequence and Process to Set or Adjust your CT90 Timing