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Product Review - CT90 Clutch Tool

CT90 Clutch Tool I purchased this clutch tool off of eBay over a year ago and have now used it a number of times and its still going strong and I have been very happy with the purchase.  I mentioned the tool in a previous post related to working on your CT90 clutch , but thought I would share a few additional thoughts here. To rebuild the clutch pack on a CT90 you first need to remove it and that process involves the removal of a special nut that requires a spanner tool to loosen it.  While it may be possible to remove the nut using a punch or some other backwoods mechanic method that stands a high chance of screwing something up, the right way is to purchase a spanner tool given how cheap they are on eBay. I purchased this tool off of eBay for $6.55 and there are several sellers that offer this same tool for a similar price.   The tool is designed to work with two sizes of spanner nuts, 22 mm and 24 mm (what is needed for your CT90).

Product Review - Cylinder Flex-Hone

I had a couple of cylinders that I pulled off of some bikes that I picked up that weren't running and was surprised that they only had light rust, so I decided to order a hone to clean the cylinders up myself without having to send them out to get a new bore. I ended up ordering a Flex-Hone cylinder hone manufactured by Brush Research from Amazon .  The Flex-Hone was 2" (51 mm) in diameter that was 240 grit, and was from the BC Series Flex Hones.  The price of the cylinder hone was $18.00 and it is made in the USA.