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More Honda CT90 & CT200 3D Printed Parts - Hard to Find K1 Parts and Others

I'm continuing to find and endless number of opportunities to utilize my 3D printer to make useful parts for my CT90 project bikes, my fishing float tube, and other hobbies that I have.  I thought I would share a few of the latest CT90 parts that I have designed/modeled and printed. All of the designs I share below, I first modeled using my ViaCad 2D/3D modeling program. Related Posts: A New Batch of Honda CT90 and CT200 3D Printed Parts More 3D Printed Honda CT90 Part Designs 3D Printed CT90 K1 Rear Airbox Snorkel CT90 K1 3D Printed Carb to Air Filter Boot A 3D Printed Valve Spring Compression Tool CT90 K1 Front Fork Cover Side Reflector Base On almost every older CT90 I work on (I guess they are all old...) the little rubber caps on that cover and help hold in the bulbs on the base of the speedo are cracked, disintegrating before my eyes or are just missing. I modeled up both a short cap that has a hole for one wire and a taller cap that has a slot in its base that allows two wir