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More 3D Printed Honda CT90 Part Designs

I've been having fun modeling a number of Honda CT90 parts and then printing them on my printer. and I thought I would share them here along with links to .stl files in case others wanted print parts for their own individual use. To create all of the parts I share below, I first created a 3D model in my ViaCad 2D/3D modeling program. Ignition Switch Access Hole Plug The first part I will share is my design for the rubber plug that goes in the hole where the wires from the ignition switch exit. I have printed this plug using SainSmart TPU filament which is flexible enough so the plug can be installed, but it is not near as flexible as a new stock rubber plug, but much more flexible than a 50 year old rock hard stock rubber plug. Here is the link to the .stl file at Thingiverse for the ignition hole plug. Here is the link to the .stl file at PrusaPrinters for the ignition hole plug.