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Harbor Freight/Haul Master Motorcycle Carrier for use with a CT90

Product Review - Harbor Freight/Haul Master Motorcycle Carrier use with a CT90 A few months ago I picked up a Haul Master motorcycle carrier from Harbor freight to use to haul around CT90's that I own. The carrier normally sells for $124.99, but it was a holiday weekend when I bought the carrier and Harbor Freight had a special 25% off coupon so the cost was very close to $100.00 out the door which I though was a pretty good deal.

Making a Transparent Timing Cover for your CT90

I was working on a post about dynamically timing CT90's recently and decided to make a clear plastic cover like the one in the picture below so that I could view the timing marks while the engine was running and not have to worry about the small amount of oil that splashes out.