Simple Method to Check if the Holes are Clear in your CT90 Carburetor Emulsion Tube

One of the most important steps when you are rebuilding or just cleaning your CT90 carburetor is to make sure that you check that all of the small holes along the side of your emulsion tube are free and clear. One simple way that I check my emulsion tube before reassembling it back into my carburetor is to use a LED flash light.

Here is a picture of a typical emulsion tube showing the very small holes that exist along the length of the tube above the o-ring.

What I'll do is take a LED light that is setting on my work bench and hold it close to the emulsion tube.

With the light shinning on the holes along the side of the tube, I look down the end of the tube and verify that there is light shinning on the inside wall of the emulsion tube for each of the holes being checked.

I repeat this check for each of the four sets of holes that exist around the perimeter of the emulsion tube.

I find that this is a quick and easy check to make sure all of the holes are free and clear before reassembly of the emulsion tube into the body of the carburetor.

I hope you find this useful.

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