CT90 and CT200 Axle Information

When I was working on some of my first CT90's and buying parts off of eBay I ended up buying axles that were not correct for the bike because the eBay ad descriptions weren't always clear and I at the time really didn't understand that there were differences in the axles between the various years of CT90's and CT200's. Since I have a bunch of parts setting around from previous project bikes, I thought I would share a few photos and a little info to help someone else trying to pick up the correct axle for their CT90 project.  If I missed something with the info I am providing below, please feel free to comment.

From what I have seen CT90 axles can be broken into three groups: CT200's, early CT90's K0 thru K1, and everything K2 and on.

Here is a picture of the three groups of axles with the CT200 axles at the top of the photo, the K0 to K1 in the middle, and the K2 and on on the bottom. The rear axle is the top axle in each group and I have also included the correct spacer/collar and nut used on each axle.

Information on Honda CT200 and CT90 axles

I pulled together the table below to provide some basic dimensions to help tell the difference between the axles, nuts, and spacers.

Here is a larger picture of the CT200 axles, spacers, and nuts:

Here is a larger picture of the CT90 K0 to K1 axles, spacers, and nuts:

And here is a larger picture of the CT90 K2 and on axles, spacers, and nuts:

I hope this info is helpful to others searching for the correct axle hardware for their current or future CT90 project!

Helpful Links (Shop Manuals, Wire Diagram, Model Information, etc.)


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