3D Printed CT90 K1 Rear Airbox Snorkel

One of the other parts I recently modeled and made a 3D print of is the rubber Snorkel/boot that attaches to the rear of the 1969 K1 CT90's airbox, and that resides in the battery compartment area in the frame when the airbox is installed.

Here is a picture of the model I made in ViaCad 2D/3D.

The following are a couple of photos of the snorkel that I printed using a flexible TPU filament next to the stock rubber snorkel that I removed from the airbox.

The 3D printed snorkel has a nice snow fit when it is mounted to the cylindrical feature on the airbox.

At some point I plan on uploading .stl files for my snorkel design to Thingiverse.com and also the Prusa 3D parts library, so others can print the snorkel.  Once I do up load the file, I'll add a link to this post.

I hope you found this information useful!

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